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The Big Crafty

The Big Crafty, Asheville's indie craft fest, occurs bi-annually in and outside of the Asheville Art Museum downtown, and it's hands down a local favorite. In fact, I'm convinced that many live for it. My good friend, Kathleen, summed it up perfectly when she said to me, "Honestly, Krista... I go kind of crazy. I probably will have to eat ramen for the next two weeks."

What makes The Big Crafty so different from the rest of Asheville's (totally vast) art exhibits/events is how peculiar it is in its entirety. All crafts and creations give off this sense of oddity yet remains so basic, it's hard not to delight in; Especially for those that aren't too fond of the cavalier-type vibes that can sometimes be given at high-end, contemporary art showcases, gallery openings, etc. It's the complete opposite of modern and swanky... it's whimsical and super fuzzy/freaky (whatever you're looking for), and I'm all about that. Even if you don't have money to spend, just browsing around will make you cheese so hard like a little kid.

It'd also be wrong of me not to mention... free craft beer while you shop. TBC = one for the books indeed!